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Effective Event Planning Checklist For Event Planners​

If you’re new to event planning and seeking guidance on how to prepare for your next event, look no further. As a leading events and catering company, we have shared a checklist to help you stay on track with your planning:


1. Determine the goal and objective of your event

The first step is to set the objectives and goal for your event. Ask yourself why you are organising this event, and what you want its outcomes to be. Having measurable objectives will give you and your team a shared goal that you can work towards and will allow you to assess the event’s overall success afterwards.


2. Manage your team

A team effort is critical for an event to run smoothly. Creating subcommittees and allocating responsibilities to different team members is an effective way to share accountability and manage time efficiently. For example, one employee could be tasked with managing volunteers while another oversees the venue management. It’s important to have committee meetings in the lead up to the event, to ensure the right flow of planning.


3. Consider your budget

Budget has a significant influence on event planning. While it is important to have a creative vision for your event, you also need to be aware of your budget restrictions. Prepare a list of critical expenses – including the venue, food, drinks, décor and entertainment – and set realistic expectations on what can be achieved.


4. Ensure the event date is feasible for all parties

When planning for a new event, you must work with your client, team, and the venue to find a date that is feasible for everyone. Work backwards from the suggested date to determine whether you have enough time to bring the event to life. Once you have agreed on a date, reach out to your external suppliers – such as caterers and decorators – to make sure they’re also available.


5. Create the event masterplan

Once you have determined the event cost and timings, it’s time to bring all of the details together in one masterplan document. This plan will be used by everyone at the event and ensures that the event runs to schedule. It’s important to include all of the details, such as entertainment activities, promotions, publicity, registration, presenters, and catering management – so that nothing is left unprepared for.



Having a well-considered, detailed plan is paramount for executing a successful event. We hope that our checklist provided you with useful insight to plan your next event.

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