Indigo Bay

“The greatest threat to our planet, is the belief that someone else will save it”.

Our focus is creating truly memorable experiences, however we are equally focused on the impact our business has on the environment. Our ethical responsibility to implement high-impact initiatives to protect the environment, is only matched by our desire to ensure our footprint is as low-impact as possible. Real, measurable & tangible initiatives, in using Indigo Bay for your next event you will be partnering with an environmentally responsible partner.
2018 - 2020

Our Completed Initiatives.

The following provides a list of our already implemented environmentally sustainable practices, which have deliberately targeted high-impact areas to ensure our environmental impact is immediate and significant. We know we are very well ahead of the industry norms across Australia and are excited to not only continue this direction, but to further enhance it in the coming years.

We are proud to announce Indigo Bay now uses 100% environmentally friendly packaging in all  aspects of our operations. Utilizing the latest science in environmentally sustainable packaging, we now utilize packaging of the below types:

CLA & CPLA  – Plant based alternative to plastic.

Bagasse  – Sugarcane pulp based card.

Natureflex  – Clear film, from wood pulp.

Inks  – Vegetable based.

Paper & Card  – Sustainably sourced, recycled pulp where possible

The ‘Gold-Standard’ in environmentally sustainable take-away single use coffee cups.

2017 – The introduction of our 100% compostable & recyclable coffee cups.

2018 – Introduction of our ‘at-cost’ KeepCups to present a multi-use option for coffee compared with ‘single-use’ coffee cups.

2019 – Introduction of our ‘Gold Standard’ 100% biodegradable, single use coffee cups.

In 2016, we partnered with a local supplier becoming one of Australia’s first to use these straws. All businesses across our group now only use these straws.

  • 100% Natural plant stem product.

  • 100% Gluten Free.

  • 100% Zero emissions. (Generates a negative geared emission impact).

  • 100% biodegradable.

  • This product was the mainstream straw for public use in the 1800’s.

With an estimated 4,500L of chemicals used annually within The Metropolitan Hospitality Group, we are proud to announce the use of 100% environmentally friendly chemicals in all aspects of our operations.

  • Chemical Box Packaging – All packaging/containers are recyclable.

  • Low Harm – Officially classified as “Non-Dangerous”.

  • No High-Impact Chemicals – No Chorine, arcinogens, heavy metals, phosphates and other harmful chemicals.

  • Detergents – Products containing detergents are biodegradable (Cert. AS4351 or OECD regulations).

  • Used Oil – Converted to Bio-Diesel for manufacturing, vehicles & feedstock.

  • No Landfill – No used oil is dumped in landfill as a large portion of the industry does.

  • Environmentally Sustainable – Our provider uses rainwater for manufacturing and a wind turbine to assist in powering the facility.

Made from 100% bamboo pulp ‘waste’, our cutlery is completely biodegradable.

With the vast array of incredible produce, ingredients, seafood & meats available within Australia and closer to home, Western Australia, we only use imported ingredients if a local equivalent is not available.

We are proudly an Australian company and are always excited to show-off our locally grown and produced ingredients.

W.R.I.T.E. Solutions is a locally based WA company providing a comprehensive package of services including waste management, staff training, solar and recycling services. They are part of our increasing efforts to reduce our carbon footprint and lower our overall impact on our environment.

In addition to our W.R.I.T.E Solutions partnership, we also offer our customers free coffee grounds to compost and improve the soil within their own home. Ask us for our 2kg recyclable bucket when you visit any one of our businesses.

To ensure our water is of the highest & purest quality, all our businesses have installed ‘RO” filtration equipment to not only ensure our coffee and tap water is of the highest quality but also to ensure a chemical-free water supply to our guests.

2021 - 2023

Our Proposed Initiatives.

The next phase.

From industry leading initiatives, to further enhancing existing systems, Indigo Bay & The Metropolitan Hospitality Group will continue to lead the way in sustainable businesses practices.

Representing the ‘Gold-Standard’ in presenting a measurable environmentally sustainable business, we are currently in the process of producing our first ‘Carbon Neutral’ business unit within The Metropolitan Hospitality Group . We are now seeking to become the first Café & Catering business in Western Australia to be certified as Carbon Neutral by the Department of Environment & Energy by the end of 2023.

Plastic water bottles represent an avoidable, high-impact aspect of daily retail purchases. Even with recycling, the recycling process, transportation of water and carbon emissions produced, makes single use plastic bottles a highly negative part of our industry’s environmental impact.

Our Solution.

Naturally filtered, chemical free, zero transport impact, biodegradable glass bottles and all produced in house. Commencing 2023, we aim to provide our own naturally filtered still and sparkling water for our guests.